Empower our skillset with
Angular & Firebase certification

Empower our skillset with
Angular & Firebase certification

An authentic certification program in Firebase & Angular from India's most eminant company situated in Noida.

An authentic certification program in Firebase & Angular from India's most eminant company situated in Noida.

A program hosted by the Industry experts

A program hosted by the Industry experts
Pre Placement Offers | Authenticated certification

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A detailed overview of the Webinar

10:00 Am - 12:30 Pm

Setting up the environment

We will dive into the basics of every potential aspect of Database Structure and applications step by step. From account creation to configurations installation, you will be going through the basic (and/or advanced) knowledge of database. This webinar will also cover the configs that will allow our applications to communicate with the database.

12:30 Pm - 1:00 Pm

Introducing GitHub Desktop

You'll get to learn how to upload your project on cloud and spectate how to pull repositories and check them out . Learn how to add co-authors to your commit while you set up GitHub Desktop as a springboard for your work.

01:00 Pm - 01:25 Pm

Take a break!

Recollect your thoughts and summarise your learnings so far.

01:25 Pm - 03:00 Pm

Creation of rNotes Application

Learn how to set up real time reminder & how to use rNote application for all your technologies, the codes required to add & edit your notes and to find a storage for your data.

03:00 Pm - 04.00 Pm

Let's make your application presentable

Learn how to built an interactive UI for your application with the help of bootstrap, various integrations, images and Languages and how to style your Application.

04:00 Pm - 04.20 Pm

Straighten your back!

Take a power break and freshen up, we are about to dive into something intriguing now.

04:20 Pm - 05.20 Pm

Login to your google profile.

A deep theory and practical application of Authorization services & authorization guards of rNotes Application.

05:20 Pm - 06.30 Pm

Connect with firestore

Connecting your application to the firestore in order to safeguard your database. Introducing the steps to connect your application to the firestore & its advantages.

10:00 Am - 12:30 Pm

Getting started with angular

Detailed step-wise discussion on angular served platforms, their integration with firestore. how to use add, update, delete, set, get, snapshot,etc. Full business logic of rNotes application.

12:00 Pm - 01:00 Pm

Working on rNotes Applications

Focusing on Angular Components & services in accordance with rNotes working applications. How to build the interface and the functionalities of our notes.

01:00 Pm - 01:25 Pm

Take a break!

Recollect your thoughts and summarise your learnings so far.

01:25 Pm - 02:00 Pm

Cloud functions

How to connect cloud functions with firebase and use its serverless framework that lets you run your back end codes in response to the events triggered.

02:00 Pm - 02.30 Pm

Cloud Scheduler

How to connect your cloud scheduler with firebase; enable API's & how to invocate functions on regular intervals.

02:30 Pm - 04.30 Pm

Let's make your application visible to the world

Learn how to find a perfect domain; how to use Go Daddy, Cloud Flare, Firebase hosting, google analytics, search consoles , etc.

04:30 Pm - 04.45 Pm

Take a break!

Recollect your thoughts and summarise your learnings so far.

04:45 Pm - 06.30 Pm

Got any doubts?

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8 reasons why students prefer this program

  • Enhanced opportunity domains
  • Funnel course format
  • Well designed flow of lectures
  • Industry

  • Classes by Industry experts
  • PPO opportunity
  • Advanced Discussions
  • Hosted by the top industrialists

Hiring for Angular roles has been growing at 74% annually

There are 7000+ Job roles available on linked in.

There are 21000+ Job roles available on Naukri.com.

Over 3000+ Job roles are available on Hirist.

Top 10 tech jobs that involve Angular with Firebase Skills

  • Firebase Specialist
  • Firebase With Angular Expertise
  • Data Scientist
  • Frontend developer
  • Algorithm Developer
  • Programming trainer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Angular Expertise
  • And more

About Program

Learn how to effectively use firebase for your web application development.

Program hosted by India's most tech savvy organisation

  • Real world
    application development

  • cs developers

    Machine Learning
    training program

  • robotic

    Advanced Technologies
    awareness campaigns

Firebase is a simple platform to host, deploy and manage the functions of your web applicatiom.

Let’s Talk Angular with Firebase

Skugal Tutor Develops Cloud-based Angular Project With Firebase

  • Cloud Firebase

  • Rnotes App

  • Cloudflare

Learn from the Leaders

  • Abhishek Kumar Gupta [Founder & CEO at Skugal]

Curriculum followed

1.Getting Started 

Introducing the platform to the students. Going through the basics and brushing their learning so far of the subject.

  • Introduction to firebase
  • Future of Firebase and Related Application
  • Mobile and Web Application Communication with Firebase
  • Setting Up Firebase Locally

2.Understanding all about Firebase features and its related offerings 

Going through the core concepts of firebase functions and how to make effective use of its offerings.

  • Learning all about Project Settings, Users and Permissions, Usage and Billings.
  • Going through the concepts and application of Firebase Authentication, Users, Sign In Method, Templates & Usage
  • Knowing all about Firebase Cloud Firestore & Database.
  • Understanding all about Firebase Cloud Firestore & its Rules
  • Conceptualizing Firebase Cloud Firestore & its related Indexes.
  • Learning the concepts and application of Firebase Cloud Firestore & Usage.
  • Comprehension of Firebase Storage, Cloud Function to Upload Files e.g. Excel, CSV, PDFs, Images.
  • Understanding Firebase Storage, Rules & Usage

3.Hosting Application  

Hosting Single Page Application, Modular Applications, Websites

  • Firebase Hosting
  • Firebase Multiple Site Hosting.
  • Firebase Custom Domain Add.
  • Firebase Domain and CloudFlare, GoDaddy, Google DNS, AWS R53.
  • Complete Lecture For Godaddy, Google Domains , AWS Domains with Real Website.

4. Firebase and its integration with multiple platforms. 

Connecting firebase with platforms like Angular, NodeJs, React-Native, Google Cloud Functions & Schedular, AWS Lamda, WordPress, Kafka.

  • Understanding the tool and techniques of various platforms.
  • Setup Firebase For an Angular Web Application.
  • Setup Firebase For a NodeJs Server Side Application.
  • Setup Firebase For a React-Native Web Application.
  • Setup Firebase For a Google Cloud Function.
  • Setup Firebase For a Google Cloud Scheduler.
  • Setup Firebase For a AWS Lamda Functions.
  • Setup Firebase For a WordPress Application.
  • Setup Firebase For kafka.

5. Firebase Functions  

Working with Google Cloud CLI, Firebase Function & Google Cloud Functions.

  • Introduction to firebase functions.
  • Steps to create firebase functions.
  • Firebase Function Real World Example.
  • Firebase Functions Mobile App Push Notification & In App Notification.
  • Firebase Functions with Google Cloud Schedular.
  • How to make use of Firebase Health, Logs & Usage.
  • How to Upload files, access Storage and access Cloud Fire Store using firebase functions.
  • Understanding various invoke methods using Firebase Function & its Importance.

6. Machine Learning  

Integration of Machine Learning with Mobile Application, Angular Web Application & NodeJs Server Side Application.

  • Firebase Text recognition.
  • Firebase Image labeling.
  • Firebase Face detection.
  • Firebase Object detection and tracking.
  • Firebase Barcode scanning.
  • Firebase Language ID.
  • Firebase On-device translation.
  • Firebase Smart Reply.
  • Firebase AutoML Vision Edge.
  • Firebase Landmark recognition.

7. Quality Checks  

To understand where your app crashes, how it performs, the distribution and an environment to test.

  • Firebase Quality check using Crashlytics.
  • Firebase Quality check using Performance.
  • Firebase Quality check using Test Lab.
  • Firebase Quality check using App Distribution.

8. Making use of other Firebase Tools  

How to use Predications, A/B Testing, Cloud Messaging , Mobile Notification & In-App Notification.

  • Firebase Predications.
  • Firebase A/B Testing.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Firebase In-App Messaging.
  • Firebase Dynamic Links for Mobile Applications.

9. Editing multiple features of your Application 

Learn about everything from Image Resize, email trigger, payments with Stripe, MailChimp to Deleting User Data.

  • Firebase Images Sizes.
  • Firebase Collections with BigQuery.
  • Firebase Email Trigger.
  • Firebase Payments with Stripe.
  • Firebase and MailChimp.
  • Firebase & User Data.

10. Firebase Analytics 

This Section is for Business owners and performance analysis.

  • Introduction to analysis.
  • Learn all about Analytics Dashboard, Events, Conversion, Audience, Funnels & User Properties.
  • How to use Latest Release, Retention, StreamView & Debug View.

What should you expect from this Program?

  • Career guidance in the field of web application development.
  • Real life industry experience.
  • Guidance from the industry experts.
  • Certification at the end of the program.

Career Accelerator

Stepping into the world of web application development is as difficult as understand the technicalities of every tool.

  • expertise logo Centre of excellence  
    Get into a classroom which is incubated with the best industry practices.
  • innovations logo Industry Specific
    You are exposed to meet the industry standards.
  • opportunites logo Profile enhancement
    The certification enhances your over all profile.
  • profle logo Effective mentorship
    You get trained directly from the industry specialists.

Program Eligibility

  • This Program is for all ,(tech professionals, fresher, experienced, College Student, School Student).

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